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Once on earth, Beelzebub did not waste a minute. He was in a hurry to spread a new doctrine and Extraordinary, with a voice that revalued in the bowels of the century. He promised his Disciples and faithful the delights of the earth, all the glories and the most intimate delights. Confessed Who was Beelzebub, but confessed to him to rectify the notion that men had of him and To deny the stories that the old beatas told about him.

— Yes, I am Beelzebub, he repeated; Not the Beelzebub of the sulphurous nights, the tales Sleepers, children's terror, but the true and unique Beelzebub, the very genius of nature, To which that name was given to remove it from the hearts of men. Look at me, gentle and graceful. I'm your real father. Come on: take that name, invented for my waste, Make it a trophy and a lábaro, and I will give you everything, everything, everything, everything, everything ...

This was how he spoke at first to excite enthusiasm, to tempt the indifferent, In short, the crowds around him. And they came; And as soon as they came, the Beelzebub Started to define the doctrine. The doctrine was what could be in the mouth of a spirit of denial. This as to substance, because, about form, it was sometimes subtle, other cynical and flushed.

By Master Silvio Rodrigues.

Master Silvio Rodrigues


The founder of the temple, Master Silvio Rodrigues, traveled the world, seeking essences, doctrines in their origins to better qualify their spirituality and to have easy access to fundamental solutions for the life and problems of human beings.

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Transparency in rituals


The Temple of Lucifer as its Founding Director, Master Silvio Rodrigues, always praised for transparency in his attendance, in his Rituals, in the written or spoken Media as well as in life.

One of the four best in Brazil...


Through the interactive media, radio, TV, symposiums, congresses, religious events, he acquired respect and recognition that led him to be considered one of the 4 best masters of magic...

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Welcome to the Temple of Lucifer.

In this video, Master Sílvio Rodrigues presents the Temple of Lucifer, describing his function and works accomplished and also speaks of the spells used and what they mean.

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Master in the occult arts of high black magic quick solutions for all kinds of problems: moorings, effective pacts, openings for business, initiations, cleanings.
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It is dedicated to helping the problems of our daily life: For special people we make effective Covenants with Lucifer solving impossible causes in all the continents.
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