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Master Silvio Rodrigues, has been working for more than twenty years to help people in various problems of daily life:

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Loving Problems
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Pactuation Ritual - [Pact With Devil]


The pact with Lucifer is an alliance between an people and the Great God Lucifer.

Lucifer, after coming to this earth, has always helped mankind, has been with us and will always be, many people deny him because of an ancient lie created by the tyranny of the world, but we Luciferians are always ahead of everything, we are always great, and Our master puts us in the best possible situations.

The pact with Lucifer will change your life>. It is a procedure done in total secrecy between you, your priest, the Witcher who will take your pact to Lucifer, and Lucifer himself. Master Silvio Rodrigues has performed the Pactuation Rituals for more than 20 years, always achieving satisfactory results in people's lives.

If you suffer to the point of not knowing what to do, this is the right way. Many say that if you are suffering it is why the Christian God so desires. But if this god desires your suffering, LUCIFER DOES NOT DESIRE, he will deliver you from the suffering and pain of humiliation, he will make you much better and will give you, in your hands, all that you desire. He can, because he is the great Genius of Life and therefore accomplishes anything. If you have this desire, do not think twice, for it is your turn to change your life.

NOTE: There are many covenants that do not work because people go to false priests and false wizards. The pact will only work if you do the ritual with a priest who is REALLY part of the Luciferian World. Master Silvio is well-known in the Luciferian world and has many references.

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Profissonal Problems

There are several reasons that can frustrate a person's professional life, Some like health or lack of experience has solution in the physical plane, But others, as envy or evil eye, can only be resolved on the spiritual plane. In the Temple of Lucifer, you will find the solutions that will make you an excellent professional.

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Family Problems

Many are the reasons that take away the peace and quiet of a family, usually obsessive spirits. In the Temple of Lucifer, you will find the necessary spells to ward off any evil that is harming your Family relationship and thus you will have the necessary harmony for a happy life in the home.

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Health Problems

Certainly the worst problems in our lives are related to poor health, Because in addition to diseases cause great pain and suffering, they leave us powerless to act in the Common situations of daily life, prevent us from working normally and this aggravates even more Our state of health. In the Temple of Lucifer, spells are made for total elimination of diseases and vitalization of health.

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Drug Addiction

In the contemporary world, there are several substances that can calm and bring relief and pleasure, the problem is that many People are not yet prepared for these substances and end up, by abuse, making them an addiction. In addition, the "bad influences" contribute to aggravate the problem. In the Temple of Lucifer, there are works To guide people's behavior away from the drugs that are harmful to them.

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Loving Problems

Who has never had frustrations in the relationship? The reasons are various, conflicts of interest, rivals, etc. When we have this type of problem, we can not give due attention to the other sectors of our lives, such as Such as profession, family, studies, etc. In the Temple of Lucifer, you have a solution to all the problems of love.

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Business Problems

In a highly diverse and competitive world, business has never been easy to practice. There are several types of problems that can appear, such as strong competition, low market, economic crisis, etc. In the Temple of Lucifer, there are rituals that can leverage your business, make your business grow, deal with crises, and keep Prosperous

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Spiritual home cleanings

Often, inside our homes, we feel a "bad load", angst, sadness, moodiness, things Wrong all the time. Obsessive spirits can be anywhere, including in our homes. In addition, bad looks and envy also negatively contaminate our enclosure. There are a number of "Bad energies" can bring. In the temple of Lucifer, you will find works of spiritual cleansing.

Apply for spiritual cleansing for residence

Spiritual cleanings for establishments

When business is not going well and things tend to go wrong for a long time, it is a negative Business environment, as these sites are constantly being targeted by looks and intentions. You can solve this in a practical way, the Temple of Lucifer performs discharge rituals And cleanliness of establishment, which will certainly improve relations with customers and employees.

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Secure and confidential payment

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