Master Silvio Rodrigues

Master Silvio Rodrigues

Master Silvio Rodrigues, founder of the Temple of Lucifer, was part of the foundation of the Order of Wizards of Brazil, awarded numerous awards nationally and internationally with honors for dedication and services rendered to society, earned honorific recognition of the United Nations and NELSON ROLIHLAHLA MANDELA Prize.

Through the interactive media, radios, tv, symposiums, congresses, religious events acquired respect and recognition that led him to be considered one of the 4 best masters of the magical theurgica, goetia, kimbanda, and catimbó de exu of brazil and latin america.

Mestre Silvio Rodrigues traveled around the world, searching for essences, doctrines in their origins to better qualify their spirituality and to have easy access to fundamental solutions for the life and problems of human beings.

It has strategic base of the Temple in Athenas Greece, Italy, France, Madrid, Lisbon Portugal, and in numerous Brazilian Capitals To Together with its Followers and Adepts better serve you.

The origin and religious precepts in their liturgies were realized within the philosophical doctrine of high magic, kimbanda, exud cotimbó through Mestre Carlos of Mr. MOR and Mr. Bará of Maramoel Jacob Street, who introduced through his religious ancestry the law of French cabal sabath in Brazil and also medieval witchcraft.

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